Ravi Vazirani Design Studio based in a quiet, lush cul de sac in Bandra, Mumbai is a boutique practice catering to a clientele that values aesthetic, practicality and that dash of je ne sais quoi. The studio has worked on a variety of setups - from the retail projects like the Atmosphere stores, studio and office spaces for the likes of Himatsingkas, restaurants and cafes like The Stolen Coffee room in New Mumbai and High Spirits in Pune and the homes of design cognoscenti like Bollywood producer Karan Johar besides several prominent developers. 

The founder and creative behind the studio is Ravi Vazirani, who in his career honed his creative eye by serving as an Associate Style Editor with Living Etc.,a  UK based interiors and lifestyle magazine. Having free-lanced for a few years he acquired a small but significant coterie of clients from the realms of retail, product and residential design and went on to establish the Ravi Vazirani Design Studio in 2010. The winner of the AD 50 Most Influential Designers Award in 2015, he has now actively been designing spaces for 7 years. Design is an intrinsic part of Ravi's daily life and he finds inspiration from everything he encounters, be it his immediate surroundings or his travels around the world. However, who ultimately inspire his artistry are his clients - their needs, their aesthetics and their life stories. That's why no two designs are alike, yet all of them have that unique stamp of workmanship and flair, which is all his own.